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Judul Lagu : Love Is All We Need
Artis : Celine Dion

She was living in a perfect house
With pictures of smiling faces
But there’s a different story told inside
Underneath it all

With the sunglasses and makeup on
Blaming the stairs at Macy’s
They all knew…
(No one even asked; is something wrong?)

So they wait
Now she’s gone…
I don’t understand the concept of
The power of one is stronger

Why don’t people seem to care at all
As long as it’s not about them
I say…
I guess we’ve underestimated love

Or why would we hurt each other
Don’t you find that ironical
When love is all we need
Oh yeah…

He is living down his sunset strip
Singing the blues for money
It’s easy just to look the other way
When you have it all

He’s reaching out to find a helping hand
But nobody seems to bother
Hear them say…
(It’s not my problem so it’s not my call)

You’re on your own
Through it all…
When it all becomes too real

We have a tendency to be
Too scared to face it
It’s breaking my heart to see…
When love is all we neeeeeeeeed…


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